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You must do everything in your power to correct it.

Anyone else having issues with contracts not updating? Others, like the one for killing different kinds of robots, don't seem to work at all.

it is only increasing by 2-3 kills per mission even though im getting hundreds my kids are doing the same and there are others in the group, Having issue with connected contract. Some of them update fine, especially the ones where you collect money or resources, and the ones involving critical or fine kills.

yes, same issue but with special kills, im basically using special, changing agent, using special, changing agent etc.... There is definitely something weird going on with the connected contracts.

Anyone else having issues with contracts not updating? Anyone else having issues with contracts not updating?

Details: psx-place forum - Fixed constant write for pointer codes (type 6 codes).

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I'm a little worried you don't get credit for them if you are not online when they are fulfilled.

It also seems fishy no one on PSNProfiles has the trophy for this yet even though by now someone probably could have done 15 of them since the game launched. Aside from that, doing these contracts takes so much effort since you rarely get a second person in a contract that pulls their weight, so it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to even complete one, let alone all three. Aside from that, doing these contracts takes so much effort since you rarely get a second person in a contract that pulls their weight, so it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to even complete one, let alone all three.

I should be able to get my 15th contract tomorrow, so we'll see if it unlocks properly. I should be able to get my 15th contract tomorrow, so we'll see if it unlocks properly.

So far, everything has unlocked correctly for me.65 to go.

According to Twitter’s status blog and all of Facebook, the service appears to be experiencing site-wide issues, including errors on just about every single feature of the site.

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Device|0|[Rim:: Desktop:: Services:: Device:: App Loader:: Loader Client:: Handle Loader Error] Error description: Software update is disallowed by device IT policy .907|DEBUG|46|Rim.

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