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Experimental studies found no phase transformations, no high density of dislocations (even after 90% cold work), and no twinning, leading to a hypothesis of dislocation-free deformation via the growth of nanodisturbances, with essential differences from the nanodisturbance hypothesis in which the so-called ‘non-crystallographic' partial dislocations with the Burgers vectors having non-quantized magnitude exist and play a crucial role.Therefore, the underlying deformation mechanism responsible for the peculiar properties of this new class of metallic materials still remains elusive.Ti-Nb-based Gum Metals exhibit extraordinary superelasticity with ultralow elastic modulus, superior strength and ductility, and a peculiar dislocation-free deformation behavior, most of which challenge existing theories of crystal strength.Additionally, this kind of alloys actually displays even more anomalous mechanical properties, such as the non-linear superelastic behavior, accompanied by a pronounced tension-to-compression asymmetry, and large ductility with a low Poisson's ratio.This groundbreaking development in the fluid power cartridge industry means that operators can now be in close proximity to observe valve operation but not tethered and completely safe when setting up and calibrating the machine behavior.Amp Set Blue™ allows users to locate and ‘pair’ with the selected amplifier using their smart device and adjust all parameters of the proportional controller through several simple screens.The crystal strength is determined by a critical shear stress to actuate the glide of crystallographic line-defects called dislocations, which is in proportion to the shear elastic modulus, μ, i.e., approximately reaching 1/30 of μ, the Young's modulus, E, is in linear relationship with the shear modulus via a simple relation E = 2(1 ν)μ.

Features: -Bluetooth embedded controller rated at IP69K; CE and Ro HS compliant -Free easy-to-use smart device app for configuration and adjustments -Password protection built in to prevent unauthorized access -Simple, safe, and secure Password protection prevents unauthorized access to the amplifiers.The aim of the present study is two-fold: (1) to estimate the deviatoric and the hydrostatic components of the total transformation strain in different possible self-accommodating clusters, and, (2) to experimentally determine the nature of self-accommodation in Ni-Ti SMA from the effect of the unaccommodated strain field on the transformation temperatures.ABSTRACT: The hysteresis loop interior of thermoelastic martensitic transformations of Ti Ni-base shape memory alloys including the transformation with invariant plane is investigated in the partial transformation cycles and discussed.The lattice-variant transformation dislocations originate from the three-dimensional network, where screw dislocation segments dissociate to form fluctuating microdomains (localized soft modes), and these thicken when the transformation dislocations multiply by a cross-slip dissociation mechanism.The computed Schmid factors for variants in self-accommodating groups show opposite signs, indicative of a minimum long-range stress field.

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“He’s got my fingers and big eyes and his daddy Erik’s mouth and chin.” She adds, “As we thank the angel of a woman that carried our miracle baby boy for us, we pray for everyone who struggles to reach this joyous milestone.