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“That is what is required to keep people’s attention on such a brutal practice.

These poor animals are electrocuted, skinned alive, drowned, and bludgeoned just for the sake of fashion.” “Don’t buy fur,” she added. Never be afraid to speak up.” Check out some behind-the-scenes footage from her shoot below!

“Even a little trim – your gloves or your bag or your jackets ….

Do you know what are the most popular Chinese films in the year of 2015.

Many good quality Chinese films were released this year and attracted the public into cinema.

Below is top 10 box office Chinese movies that have reached theaters.

It is no wonder that the film broke the box office record with a sky high ticket sales. Lost In Hong Kong 港囧 (2015) Total gross:1.5 billion Yuan Douban rating: 6.2 Director: Xu Zheng Actors: Xu Zheng, Zhao Wei, Bao Bei’er, Du Juan Genre: Comedy The rating of the film “Lost in Hong Kong” is only 6.2 out of 10 on Douban.com, but since its release on Sept 25, the film has grossed 1.5 billion Yuan in ticket sales.

The movie is the third installment of the film trilogy by Xu Zheng, the other two are 2010 film “Lost on Journey” and 2012 film “Lost in Thailand”, both of which have achieved great successes in the Chinese film market.

Personal Tailor December 20, 2013 Justin Chang Top-grossing Chinese helmer Feng Xiaogang has alternated between romantic comedies and big-budget historical epics with remarkable consistency in recent years, padding out two pleasant servings of “If You Are the One” with an earthquake-themed tearjerker (“Aftershock”) and a wartime famine drama (“Back to 1942″).Ever since the ancient Greeks waxed philosophical about the "golden mean" and proportion being the formulaic canon for aesthetic beauty we have been chasing the symmetrical dragon. “we tend to order our experiences in a manner that is regular, orderly, symmetric and simple”.We like to put things in boxes, the laws of perception are a quick-hand in making snap judgements but these are intrinsically flawed.“What you don’t dare imagine, we dare to do,” goes the slogan of Personal Tailor, a company that provides a far more benign version of the services offered in David Fincher’s “The Game,” allowing regular men and women to see their wildest dreams temporarily realized.We get a glimpse of their handiwork in the film’s amusing prologue, in which a woman willingly submits to interrogation, detainment and a six-day hunger strike as the star of her own WWII resistance fantasy, playfully shot in black-and-white.

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Oasis and Match have been two of the most talked about and reviewed dating sites on our oasis blog as such we compare reviews from two of the leading Australian dating websites oasis vrs match with very interesting results.

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These two big cities have the largest pools of singles from which to choose. In fact, some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen have been from Russia.

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A form of radiometric dating used to determine the age of organic remains in ancient objects, such as archaeological specimens, on the basis of the half-life of carbon-14 and a comparison between the ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-14 in a sample of the remains to the known ratio in living organisms. A technique for measuring the age of organic remains based on the rate of decay of carbon 14.